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A few decades ago the obvious cause for a broken heart in a young individual was romance and love. But with the epidemic of coronary artery disease (CAD) hitting India hard, the scenario is changing rapidly and with it, the meaning and cause of a ‘broken young heart’. CAD refers to disease of the coronary arteries.

Anyone can get cancer, but you are more likely to get the disease as you get older. It is said that your chances of getting cancer increase after reaching 50 years of age or older, however, leading a healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk.

Depression is commonly associated with worse outcomes for patients with heart disease and other conditions.

The research shows lesions -- seen on MRI scans as regions of bone beneath the cartilage with ill-defined high signal -- can help identify individuals who are more likely to suffer from the rapidly progressing osteoarthritis.

Without a permanent change in unhealthy patterns of eating and living, it is highly unlikely that weight loss will stick.

Nowadays, stress has become very common and everyone of us experience it at some or other point in life. Tiring jobs, faulty eating habits, pollution are some things that leads us to stress.

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