Five reason's why Virat Kohli will be impressive in Australia


Whenever mainstay of Indian batting line-up Virat Kohli lands in Australia, he feels rejuvenated and charged up.

Kohil's hot spot

Kohli is a kind of batsman who loves to take challenges and Australia is certainly one of the most competitive sides in world cricket. And that's one of the reasons Kohli has a very good batting track record against the Aussies, while playing Down Under.

Pacey and bouncy tracks

Australian bowlers must have made strategies to get the priced-wicket of Virat Kohli. When it come to planning and plotting, Australians are known to be the masters of these traits. On pacey and bouncy tracks, they would love to put a series of challenges in front of the 26-year-old. And that's what makes the contest between Kohli and Australian bowlers more exciting.

Love-hate relationship

Australian spectators and Virat Kohli share a love-hate relationship since the Indian batsman's first tour Down Under. It all started in 2012 at Sydney Cricket Ground, when Kohli showed his middle finger to the abusive group of spectators and was later fined for his action. However, this time around, it would be interesting to watch how Kohli and the spectators react. It would be one of the talking points of the tour.

Intense verbal duels

Kohli is certainly the most aggressive player in the Indian set-up and on the other side Australian's are known for their bashing and abusive nature. Kohli who loves to give it back, has this tendency to involve in the on-field verbal duels. In the past, many Australian players including David Warner and Mitchell Johnson exchanged words with Kohli on the field. So get ready for another chapter in which you can expect a couple of verbal duels among the players, especially involving Kohli.

Batting track record

In Australia, where Indian batsmen struggle to score runs, Virat Kohli is among one of the rare batsmen who has a very good track record while playing against the Aussies, in Test cricket. However, in ODIs he doesn't have numbers to boast Down Under. This might give him a reason to perform on this tour where Indian have to play only five ODIs and three T-20s. (N24India)