Cancer: Simple ways to reduce your risk


Anyone can get cancer, but you are more likely to get the disease as you get older. It is said that your chances of getting cancer increase after reaching 50 years of age or older, however, leading a healthy lifestyle can help lower your risk.

Here are a few ways to reduce your risk of cancer:

  • Studies support that exercise can help lower your chance of getting certain cancers including breast and colon cancers.
  • Maintain a healthy weight as people who are overweight are more likely to get cancers of the prostate, pancreas, uterus, colon, and ovary. Also, older women who are overweight are more likely to develop breast cancer.
  • Limit sedentary behavior such as sitting, lying down, watching TV, etc.
  • Avoid using tobacco products.
  • Eat healthy foods in moderation, with an emphasis on plant foods.
  • Avoid sunburns as too much ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can lead to skin cancer.
  • Limit alcohol intake as heavy drinking can raise the risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and larynx. If you drink, do not drink more than 1 or 2 drinks a day.
  • Get your skin checked for moles that are new, large, or irregular or change color.(N24India)